Monday, 1 July 2013

One & a half month away!

Hello Sweeties,

How are you? I hope you all had a great weekend:) As my title says, it's been almost one and a half month since my last post.. I know it is more than a long time, but I needed this break in order to start fresh! I've missed writing on my blog and sharing with you all my news, while reading yours BUT I am here now, and this time I am here to stay:)
 This month has passed so fast.. and here I am waiting for my university results, taking driving lessons and complaining about the weather (indeed! now it's too hot for me!).. In order to recap all those little moments I haven't been able to share with you this month, I have decided to share with you some photos of each 'special' occasion:)

Our stuff needed to be packed in two days time, and yes we did it:)
(I am not excited about the unpacking in September, though!)

On our way to the airport...We were more than excited to fly back to our country, the thought of the warm weather was just irresistible!

And our Summer officially started:) 

With temperatures like that, swimming pools and beaches are our favourite resorts:)

And finally some random pictures from our night outs:)

  So this has been my life this past month! A lot of sun, swimming and tanning.. (after those rainy days, this looks like a dream!) :) I am so excited to be back and there are a lot summer outfits and reviews coming up. As most of you already know, Google reader is officially closing down today:/ Those who will love to receive all the latest post, make sure you follow me via Bloglovin' and Instagram :)

 How was your Summer so far?:)
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Thanks for reading:)

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  1. SO SO SOOOOOOOOO Happy your back friend. I missed you TONS! :') I really loved this post, you and your boyfriend are so darling, such a beautiful couple! <3 Great pics love!!! <3



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