Thursday, 28 March 2013

Where is Spring?!

Hello sweeties,
Hope you are all doing well!x

  I know that in many countries Spring is already there, like in Cyprus (21°C).. BUT Spring must have forgotten UK! It's nearly the end of March and we have between 1-4°C! I soo need Spring, I got tired of wearing jackets and coats.. don't get me wrong, I love winter, but this is just too much for me! I wanted to wear my pair of shorts so bad that I actually did, even though it was freezing (yeah, for me when it's 1-4°C, it's freezing!). BUT I am glad I have three weeks holidays from uni (only three weeks??!!) :)  I bought these denim (pants) shorts from Primark probably 4 months ago! They originally were a "not my style" pair of jeans but with scissors and a little help they became a "my style" pair of shorts! :) I haven't worn this wellies for maybe a year now but I decided to give them a try, and (to my surprise) they actually matched perfectly!x So this was my today's outfit!x
 Ohh and I also received this lovely watch yesterday! I ordered it from Ebay for only £3.50, and I can say that it's more than good (not perfect!), the only problem is that it actually feels little cheap but it was:) For the price who cares? I certainly don't! x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A double outfit!:)

Hello sweeties,
 Hope you are all ok:) And for those who have vacations/holidays yayyy!:)

 Finally the snow is melting and the sun is starting to warm the place (no, not really..but at least there is a sun!). Saturday's plans?! Go shopping! Not shopping, shopping more like a window shopping! I was a bit disappointed though as I couldn't find anything for this season, still waiting for bright colours to arrive!:) I found this gorgeous dress though (add to wishlist, done!) from New Look!

Night plans?! Wagamama! I love this restaurant.x When I was trying to find what to wear I came up with this outfit, which really surprised me! I know, that shoes (flats, heels) make a huge different but I couldn't think that they can make a super casual outfit look so chic!x I decided to take some photos of both outfits and share them with you!x Double outfits (just named it like that!) are great when going for a trip, nobody can really carry an outfit for each day so why not carry an outfit that can be magically changed into two?:)

Casual one!

Monday, 25 March 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award:)

Hello sweeties,

 I can easily say that these two weeks were my best blog-weeks:) As you know, from my previous post, I have been nominated for The Liebster Award! But what caught me by a complete surprise was that I was also nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award:) So firstly a huge "thank you" to Catarina from Your Fashion Boulevard!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Meet Bloglovin' :)

Hello sweeties,
How are you?:)x
 So I decided to make a little post (before making my normal one) to let you know what's going on right now! I was really surprised to find out that GFC (Google Friends Connect) is actually shutting down on July 1st (here), because they weren't as successful as they'd like (wait, what? All bloggers are using GFC, how can't it be successful?).
 I would really appreciated if evryone who really enjoys my blog (or already had followed me through GFC) to follow me via Bloglovin'. I have already followed the blogs that I like through Bloglovin. It is really shame to lose all the news from the blogs that you are following due to the cancelation of GFC. All bloggers should make sure that they have registered their blog on Bloglovin', to make everything easier:)
 What's more? As you can see I have added 4 little tabs on the right side of my blog.

Friday, 22 March 2013

All the little things!

Hello sweeties!
Finally it's Friday ad it's getting even better as my Easter vacations are finally here:)

 It's been a lovely week for me.. Well, kind of! I had a multiple choice test this week and half of the answers were emm .. little random, let me explain.. Few weeks now I have the feeling that I just can't learn more things, feeling sick every time I think about uni, 15 years in schools are wayy enough for me, and the sad part?! That I have at least one more! I know I'm complaining a lot, but that's true! For those reason, studying for this test was more as a last minute revision for me.. I knew half the answers for sure, but the other half? Just ticked whatever seemed right at that point of time! Ohh please be right:)

 The rest of the week? (boring? chilled?) More of an inside one. Oh please, tell me that you are not going through this as well! Waking up, going to uni (as much as you can!) and then rush back to your warm, sweet home?! Well my week was definitely like this! Love being at home (sounds boring, I know), having a look at the weather makes my flat look just fabulous idea! BUT as I always have coffee plans with my boyfriend, and Claire's, H&M and Primark are there, I (just couldn't resist) bought a few things!:)

Ohh, and let's not forget that I received some brilliant news this week! I was nominated for the Liebster Award:) (here). There you will find the two lovelly ladies that nominated me, eleven facts about me and eleven great blogs you should check out!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Liebster Award:)

 Hello sweeties,
we are almost there.. Two more days until weekend is here! Hope you are all ok:)

 I am really happy and super excited for today's post! For my surprise I found that not one, but two lovely ladies nominated me for the Liebster award:) To begin with a big thanks to Michelle from The Stylish MiMi and Mak from Beautiful Freaks for nominating my blog with this award! If you haven't checked their blogs, I strongly recommend you do so, NOW!!:) The Liebster Award means a lot to me as I started my blog only a few months ago and it's great to know that people like my blog and actually think that it deserve to be nominated!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Let's add some colour!

Hello sweeties,
 hope you are all had a GREAT weekend & a GREAT start for this week!:)x

 I am so excited this week as once Friday is here my Easter vacations will officially start (Thursday for me)!! Ohh I so need these vacations, I have to study for the exams, and all the other blah blah blah but of course I can visit London, or friends and everything, I am soo exciteeeeeeeed:)
 This weekend was more of a study one for me as I had to finish some staff for this week, but I also went to a movie "The side effects" on Saturday, which I totally recommend. I loved that movie, great plot, great cast, everything you should see it! I also registered my blog on Bloglovin, if you like my blog you can easily follow me on Bloglovin now:) On Sunday I received a super special present, I saw a ring at Warren James (I really like rings) but unfortunately I didn't manage to buy it. As a surprise (I actually told him that I liked it etc) he bought it for me! I loveee it!! 

Isn't it gorgeous? It's a silver ring with a pearl in the middle:)

Monday, 11 March 2013

Outfit for a double faced day!

Hello sweeties,
 Hope you are all ok!x

 I hate Mondays, I just hate them, and so I decided that I needed an extra weekend day this week, so I just added Monday as the "third" weekend day. I really needed a break from all the university lectures, essays, tutorials and everything so I decided to spend my day with my boyfriend instead!x Going for a walk, window shopping and finally for an Iced Mocha, yummy:)
 When I woke up the sun was so bright that I quickly decided to get dressed more lightly.. Before I was ready  there was a huge snow storm going on, which completely changed my plans! Needed something warm, warm, warm!
 As you can see from my title the day was a really double faced, as the sun came out again an hour later, and the the snow came back! What a day!x Here are some pictures of my outfit, wearing my customised jeans and a bracelet I made (hope that it will bring me luck somehow)!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mother's Day Present ASAP!

 Hope you are having a great weekend lovelies:)

 So we all know that Mother's Day is tomorrow (Sunday, 10th of March) but I am pretty sure that most of us haven't yet decided what present we are going to buy on last minute! My mother lives miles away but I still think about sending something "little" to her.. Although it will not arrive on time, it will still be a pleasant surprise:) I decided to share with you some of my ideas, some more general presents but also some unique ones!x

Here's my general 6 present ideas:)

Friday, 8 March 2013

RIHANNA for River Island!

 Finallyyyyyyyyy it's Fridayyyyyy!
Wishing you all a Happy Women's Day!xx

I am really sorry for not making any post from 23rd of February (wow, that's a really long time:p) ... But I had all those things that needed to be done for uni:/ Didn't really have time for anything BUT now I will be blogging on normal regular basis again!:)

Today I went for a coffee and I was given an advertising "magazine".. Didn't really want to take it at first (don't like the leaflets & all that paper people are giving outside malls, streets etc) but I did! And I was really surprised when I saw what was it about....

RIHANNA for River Island !!

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