Saturday, 23 March 2013

Meet Bloglovin' :)

Hello sweeties,
How are you?:)x
 So I decided to make a little post (before making my normal one) to let you know what's going on right now! I was really surprised to find out that GFC (Google Friends Connect) is actually shutting down on July 1st (here), because they weren't as successful as they'd like (wait, what? All bloggers are using GFC, how can't it be successful?).
 I would really appreciated if evryone who really enjoys my blog (or already had followed me through GFC) to follow me via Bloglovin'. I have already followed the blogs that I like through Bloglovin. It is really shame to lose all the news from the blogs that you are following due to the cancelation of GFC. All bloggers should make sure that they have registered their blog on Bloglovin', to make everything easier:)
 What's more? As you can see I have added 4 little tabs on the right side of my blog.

Follow me on Twitter:)

Follow me on Google+:)

Follow me on Bloglovin':)

Follow me on Instagram:)

Feel free to follow via any social network you have and want <3

 Now let me explain a little more abou Bloglovin' (I had it a little mistaken on my mind as well).  Bloglovin' is an online social network which allows you to follow all the blogs you like, and making your reading easier! First of all is a super easy way to proote your blog as it will be found easier than from any other network (just register, and click the "add blog" tab and you're ready!).
 All the new posts (from the blogs you are following) will appear in the same window and you can easily access them by simply clicking on them. The ones you have already read will be eliminated from that window (but you can easily access them again by clicking on the blog's name at the left side of your screen). What's even better you will get notified by email each time there are new blog post by the ones you are following (you can change that to one email a day - including all the news, or to no emails at all through the settings!).
    There is now also an Iphone and an Android app free to download. I have already tried both of them and they are super easy to use!

  As finding blogs have been really difficult, Bloglovin' ensures that it's NOT. By clicking on "Top Blogs" you can the choose categories or countries, so that you can find every blog that fits your choices.

Some screenshots from my iPhone Bloglovin' app:

 Hope this post helped, not only the ones that want to find more blogs but also those who have a blog but haven't already registered on Bloglovin. It's a "must" to start letting your followers know that they will no longer be able to connect with you via GFC from July 1st and making sure that you will not lose the ones you are following!x

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm following you now on Bloglovin :) Thank you so much for your nice comment :)

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  2. Hi sweet!
    I just want to say that I named you to the Versatile blogger award (yeah! another award!) so visit my blog to see it, ok? <3
    kisses, Catarina

    1. Thank you very much:) I can't believe I have been nominated for a second award.x You this means a lot (lot,lot,lot) to me.x Thank you again <3

  3. Thanks for your sweety comment!!
    Great post, i like it very much. You have a great blog :)
    Come back to my new post;

  4. Bloglovin' is definitely the best option out there once July 1st hits. Thanks for your SO sweet comment on my blog btw :) I hope you come back soon!

    xo Ashley


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