Thursday, 28 March 2013

Where is Spring?!

Hello sweeties,
Hope you are all doing well!x

  I know that in many countries Spring is already there, like in Cyprus (21°C).. BUT Spring must have forgotten UK! It's nearly the end of March and we have between 1-4°C! I soo need Spring, I got tired of wearing jackets and coats.. don't get me wrong, I love winter, but this is just too much for me! I wanted to wear my pair of shorts so bad that I actually did, even though it was freezing (yeah, for me when it's 1-4°C, it's freezing!). BUT I am glad I have three weeks holidays from uni (only three weeks??!!) :)  I bought these denim (pants) shorts from Primark probably 4 months ago! They originally were a "not my style" pair of jeans but with scissors and a little help they became a "my style" pair of shorts! :) I haven't worn this wellies for maybe a year now but I decided to give them a try, and (to my surprise) they actually matched perfectly!x So this was my today's outfit!x
 Ohh and I also received this lovely watch yesterday! I ordered it from Ebay for only £3.50, and I can say that it's more than good (not perfect!), the only problem is that it actually feels little cheap but it was:) For the price who cares? I certainly don't! x

Somebody got jealous, wanted to show of his shoes as well!:) x

Sorry for the bad lighting, but I couldn't go out without a jacket!x
(I really have weird feet!)
 I am wearing:  Jacket - Vero Moda
                          Sweater - Primark
                          Shorts - DIY
                          Tights - Miss Selfridge
                          Wellies - Office (similar here)
                          Bag - Guess
                          Watch - Ebay
                          Rings - Warren James

Hope you are having a better weather than I am!:)
Hope you like my outfit!
Thanks for reading!x

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  1. I really love your look <3
    Wanna follow each other?

  2. love your look darling! xoxo

  3. You look so comfy and casual! :)

  4. I've found your blog really interesting, I0m following since now!

  5. LOVE this outfit! You're so beautiful Steph! <3 And I feel ya with the spring thing - It's still super cold over here as well! I want to get rid of my winter jacket so badly. :D


  6. I know what you mean! Im sick of winter. All the snow and no sun...uff...

    Love your outfit! Blue is really your color :)

  7. lovely outfit, i can't wait for spring to start either! i looked out of the window this morning and saw blue sky for the first time in forever :)

    great blog, i've just found and followed you

    katy xxx

  8. I love your blog!!!

  9. You're so pretty! THe outfit is stunning,I love the jumper and the shorts! :)

  10. Beautiful! Nice outfit!!

  11. it's freezing right?! love your coat looks lovely & warm & good idea for the unwanted jeans!
    thanks for stopping by my blog :) want to follow each other?
    Giveway tonight on my blog :)
    Melina x


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