Friday, 22 March 2013

All the little things!

Hello sweeties!
Finally it's Friday ad it's getting even better as my Easter vacations are finally here:)

 It's been a lovely week for me.. Well, kind of! I had a multiple choice test this week and half of the answers were emm .. little random, let me explain.. Few weeks now I have the feeling that I just can't learn more things, feeling sick every time I think about uni, 15 years in schools are wayy enough for me, and the sad part?! That I have at least one more! I know I'm complaining a lot, but that's true! For those reason, studying for this test was more as a last minute revision for me.. I knew half the answers for sure, but the other half? Just ticked whatever seemed right at that point of time! Ohh please be right:)

 The rest of the week? (boring? chilled?) More of an inside one. Oh please, tell me that you are not going through this as well! Waking up, going to uni (as much as you can!) and then rush back to your warm, sweet home?! Well my week was definitely like this! Love being at home (sounds boring, I know), having a look at the weather makes my flat look just fabulous idea! BUT as I always have coffee plans with my boyfriend, and Claire's, H&M and Primark are there, I (just couldn't resist) bought a few things!:)

Ohh, and let's not forget that I received some brilliant news this week! I was nominated for the Liebster Award:) (here). There you will find the two lovelly ladies that nominated me, eleven facts about me and eleven great blogs you should check out!

Claire's is having some great sales, I think 50%-70%!
Necklace: was £7.00 now £2.50, Earrings were £4.00 now £2.50, Nail polishes were £2.25 now £1.00/each

And a lovely pair of military print pants from Primark!
(Sorry for the bad quality, just a quick snapshot from my phone!)


And quick uni outfits

Sweater: Primark, Leggings: Bank Fashion, Shoes: Caterpillar, Bag: Primark
Jacket: Zara. Sweater: Primark, Leggings: NewYorker, Shoes: Caterpillar, Bag: Primark

 And for those who haven't seen this on my instagram, I am proud&lucky to be dating this man! A huge thank you for always being there, and not punching me on my face these days (I really deserve it!) !:)

How was your week?:)
Hope it was more interesting than mine:)x

Thanks for reading!x

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  1. Been thinking I need a pair of camo pants... you may have convinced me!

    xo Ashley

    1. You should:) I thought that it will be difficult to pair them with other clothes, but they are so easy! I have already found tones of combinations.x

  2. Great post, I really need to get some accessories from claires...

  3. Great purchases! I'm loving accessories at the moment x

  4. Those camo skinnies!!! I love em :D
    Also, thanks for the kind comment and your advise. I definitely think its true that when you're not looking, thats when the right guy comes along. Now if only he'd hurry ;)

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