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9 Ways to Wear Leopard!

Hello sweeties,

 As a leopard lover, I decided to share with you 9 outfits of mine that I wear leopard. Leopard print can be tricky as it is such a bold pattern and it can easily be overdone! For me the easiest and "safest" way to style leopard is by adding it either on shoes or clutches. A pop of leopard adds an edgy, bold yet sophisticated touch to every outfit.

1. Tigers on my shoes!

I love, love, love these shoes! They are perfect for dressing down an outfit but they can also kind of dress it up. I paired it with plain items so all of the attention is drawn by them! Adding a pop pf leopard print to a high waisted shorts and crop top outfit is simple perfection in my opinion!

 2. That's Awesome!

 I paired the same pair of flats with a more sophisticated yet kind of edgy outfit, just to add a bold statement pattern! I added a belt with the same pattern as a little more leopard print is always a good idea. Although a lot of leopard print can have disastrous results, adding two or three small pieces will surely add a bold touch to the outfit but it will not overdue it.

3. Cozy reflection!

 A laid back outfit, with a pair of leggings and a fluffy sweater cannot be done without a touch of leopard print to spice up the outfit! This pair of ballerinas is perfect if you are not too sure how to style leopard as it only adds a small touch of leopard print but it is still a pair classy ballerinas.

4. Flowy Leopard!

 These pair of sneakers is perfect for those who love a pair of statement sneakers! They instantly spice up an outfit and make it look more sophisticated and put together. Keeping the rest of the outfit simple and plain helps draw all the attention to the leopard sneakers which is what I was looking for.

5. Leather & Denim!

 Leopard print can also add a bold touch to your night outfit, by adding one statement piece such as heels or a clutch. For this outfit I added a leopard print clutch and a leather corset top to add an edgy touch to the otherwise girly outfit!

 As you can tell already I am a huge fan of adding a pop of leopard print to an otherwise "plain" outfit and a total white outfit was the perfect option! As I said before it adds a bold touch to the outfit but in this outfit it also adds a chic yet classy touch to it.

 As with "That's Awesome!" this outfit combines two leopard print pieces together, a belt and a pair of heels! In my opinion you can never go wrong with leopard printed heels as they look bold, classy, chic and edgy at the same time. Mixing and matching patterns was never my thing but I like to experiment with my outfits and to my surprise leopard print is super easy to mix and match!

8. Fur Jacket!

As mentioned before leopard print heels can be also classy and therefore the perfect choice for spicing up a work outfit. This of course depends to your own taste as well as what you are allowed to wear to work! If you like leopard print and you can wear it to work then you should definitely try adding a pair of leopard heels to your outfit. It boosts your confidence and make your outfit look classy and sophisticated!

9. Leopard Lace!

 the same pair of heels can dress up your night outfit and make it look both chic and classy! The romantic and soft touch the lace add to the outfit and the edginess of the leopard print make the perfect combination while they are complimenting each other. Mixing soft and bold materials/patterns can easily make your outfit look perfectly put together.

These are all the outfits I styled using leopard pieces.
I hope I gave you some inspirations and ideas with this post!
Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this and also share some of your styling tips
when it comes to leopard print:)

Thanks for reading:)


  1. Wow, love them all! Keep up the good work:D!


  2. You look really pretty in all of these photos! I like the first outfit. But all of these are equally chic and lovely.

    xo Azu

  3. You look so beautiful :)
    Have a nice day x

  4. Really love this post and the whole idea! :) I guess a girl can't have too many leopard shoes ;) I didn't like leopard or any other animal print before but now it's all I want wear! :)

  5. Great post! You are very beautiful :-)


  6. Great post, love seeing items reused in different outfits!

    Kisses, Selorm Xx | SheJustTalks


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