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Review - BOURJOIS Volumizer Ultra Black Mascara


 BOURJOIS - Volumizer Ultra Black Mascara

 Volumizer Ultra Black Mascara is a new mascara from Bourjois that promises to provide "killer volume and ultra black show-stopping lashes, with no clumps" (Bourjois).

Available only in black and ultra black.

I have been using this mascara for a while now and here are my ratings:

 When it comes to colour this mascara provides what it promises, an ultra black result. We all came across a mascara before, that was not the black mascara we were hoping. With this mascara you don't have to worry about that.


You can find this mascara at the price of £10.99 (9ml) which for me is just okay, not too cheap and not too expensive.


 It is a simple black with letters package. Nothing special. The only difference from the other mascaras is that it has two steps when applying.

Ease of use

 I personally find it really easy to use this mascara. Some people may think that it will take longer to apply due to the steps but it really doesn't. The only downside is that you have to wipe some product away from the second brush before applying, in order to avoid spidery and clumpy lashes.

Bare lashes in the first picture/ First step in the second picture/ First&second step in the last picture

The result

 I think Bourjois says it all, "killer volume and ultra black result". I have naturally long lashes which means that I try to find voluming mascaras instead of lengthening ones. The first step is a very natural one, there is a bit of volume added which is just perfect for an everyday use. The second step is just perfect, and I don't say this very often when it comes to mascaras. You can clearly see from the picture that the volume added is just amazing. I have also noticed that your lashes also look longer, which is definitely a plus for people with not so long lashes. What I didn't like about this mascara is that the step two brush adds a lot of product on your lashes which makes your lashes look spidery and clumpy, so I always use a wipe to wipe some product away before applying it. After several hours I have noticed a minimal transfer under my eyes which is definitely not a plus for me.

Overall Mark


  • The ultra black result
  • The two step brushes, one for a more natural look and both of them for a more dramatic result
  • It adds a lot of volume to your lashes and some length as well
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove with wet wipes or warm water

  • Minimal transfer under my eyes after several hours
  • Second brush adds a lot of product, making my lashes look spidery and clumpy
 If you are looking for a dramatic result and you don't care wiping some product away before applying then I would definitely recommend this mascara. But if you are looking for a more natural result then I wouldn't recommend this mascara, because in order to have a natural result you will need to use only the first step and therefore you can find a better mascara and at a lower price.

Thanks for reading:)

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  1. Nice review, there are so many mascaras to choose from, it's almost impossible but since I've looked at this it was great to read. Xx

  2. Lovely post, I've never seen this mascara before but the concept looks really interesting. Might have to do some more research into it! :)


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