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Review - SHISEIDO Shimmering Rouge Lipstick / OR405


 SHISEIDO Shimmering Rouge Lipstick / OR405

Shimmering Rouge is a new lipstick range by Shiseido that promises to "plump your lips, make them feel moist against your lips and finally give them a luxurious shine" (Shiseido).

Available in thirteen (13) shades : BE303, BE702, BR304, OR405, PK311, PK407, RD601, RD713, RS308, RS310, RS312, RD406, RD709

I have bought this lipstick (in shade OR405) and here are my ratings:


 Although this lipstick is available in thirteen different shades I am giving it a 4-heart rating as in my opinion most of the shades are pinkish ones therefore those who love brown or dark coloured lipsticks will probably be a little disappointed.


You can find this lipstick at the price of £20.50 (2.2gr) which for me is expensive. There are tons of other lipsticks out there available at much lower prices.


I love, love, love its package. It comes in a sleek, metallic container which definitely feels like a high quality product.  

Ease of use

 This lipstick is really easy to use as its formula is smooth and soft which makes it easy to apply. What I have also noticed is that this lipstick applies evenly on your lips. Despite its creamy formula it does stay in place without transferring around your lips even without a lip liner.

SHISEIDO Shimmering Rouge Lipstick OR405 One coat / Two coats
 The result

This lipstick does moisturise my lips but not as much as I was expecting  What I am not sure if I like or not yet is that this lipstick actually feels more like a lip gloss rather than a lipstick. It gives a nice glossy finish. By applying one coat you get a glossy result with a bit of colour but by applying a second coat you can see more of the colour without making it look or feel gritty. Last but not least it really makes your lips look fuller and therefore gives the illusion of plumper lips.


It lasts up to two hours if you have a drink or food but it can last up to 4 hours without eating or drinking. This is not what you are expecting from a lipstick at that price.

Overall mark

  • Elegant, sleek, metallic package
  • Easy, soft and smooth application
  • Even application
  • Sparkly/Glossy finish
  • Fuller lips
  • The price
  • Low staying power
  • Not that moisturising

 If you are looking for fuller lips, even application and glossy finish then this lipstick is definitely for you. However if you like more vibrant coloured lipsticks then this is not for you. 

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