Tuesday, 8 October 2013

FALL - Layers!

Hello sweeties,

 October is finally here and I am super excited about it for soo many reasons but the main reasons are: 1) I was born in October therefore my birthday is this month and 2) the weather is perfect, not too cold, not too warm and 3) Halloween is at the end of this month!

Fall is here and this can only mean two things - cardigans and sweaters. I just love wearing cardigans and sweaters during September/October especially when I am in the UK as they keep me warm and cozy throughout the day. Layering up your clothes make them look much more stylish and makes your outfit look like you have put a lot of effort for it!
 This is the second week of my last year at Uni and I couldn't be more excited. I think we are all excited at the beginning, let's hope it will last until the end of the year:) Although it is my final year and I will be probably too busy with projects and everything, I have Wednesdays and Fridays off so I will try to make them my outfit/blogging days.

I am wearing:
Cardigan - Zara
Top - New Look
Scarf - Primark
Jeans - Tally Weijl
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Primark
Earrings - Claire's
Bracelets - Guess, Gift and DIY

How is your school/college/university year so far?
Do you like layering up your clothes for fall?

Thanks for reading:)

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  1. Beautiful scarf, really nice with a pop of color for that outfit! Xx


  2. Hey hey one of my favorite looks ever!!
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    With love, B√°rbara

  3. Lovely outfit! Love your bag and shoes! Please stop by my blog and maybe we can follow each other? Let me know!



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