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Shopping at - Missguided!

Hello sweeties,

 I decided to start a new section on my blog called "shopping at", the title is pretty self-explanatory... We have all came across (at least once) an online shop which had really good prices and amazing clothes but we weren't sure about the quality and the service and let's face it, having to add your card details doesn't make it any better! In this section I want to share with you the shopping experience I had at different online shops so that you know what to expect from them:)

 The first online shop I am going to talk about is Missguided! I had my eyes on Missguided for quite a long time now and I decided to give it a try.

General Information:

 I can easily say that Missguided  has more than reasonable prices. Of course there are some items with a much bigger number on there price tag but most of them are jackets and coats which is normal! Missguided also has a "sweet deals" section as well as a lot of giveaways going on regularly on there facebook page. "Sweet deal" section consists of tops, dresses, skirts, leggings and playsuits at the moment and the prices are between £2.99 and £14.99, which is definitely a sweet deal for me. Finally Missguided has now launched in the USA, Australia and Europe.

The website and social networks: 

 I can easily say that people at Missguided definitely know what they need to succeed, they have the latest fashion trends (and at much more reasonable prices than a high-street market). Once you visit there online store you can see news, trends and basically what is going on that you would be interested to know (sales, prices, cooperation, etc). They post tips and tricks, as well as outfits, daily favourites on both there Facebook and Instagram which makes it even easier to find something you like. Finding what you what couldn't be easier on there website as you can choose category, sizes, colours, and prices. If you need some inspiration you can see there trend and social sections. Last but not least Missguided is now having a fragrance section as well.

Orders and delivery: 

 I have ordered a couple of clothes by next-day delivery. There delivery process is super easy and I haven't faced any problems. However my parcel arrived two days after, which by me is perfectly fine a the next day delivery is free if you spend a certain amount, but if I had paid for that it would really upset me. I've emailed them that I haven't received my parcel and they replied to me that it will arrive by the end of the next day, Their customer service is perfect if you ask me, as I received a reply after no more than 2 hours, which is perfect (considering the tones of emails they receive daily!). If you visit their Facebook page you can see that there are many people complaining about their delivery services (parcels coming late) or not arriving, therefore if you need something to wear the next day please don't rely on Missguided. Of course there are people who have received there order with no delay.

My order: 

 Even though my parcel was one day late the clothes were right. Both colours and styles are exactly the same as the pictures which was a huge relief for me, so you definitely get what you order!


 I absolutely love their quality. Even the "sweet deal" section (which I was concerned about) has great quality products. The only problem I had was with a pair of trousers I ordered (in  size 6) but they turned out to be too big for me, which is quiet weird as I am size 6 at every other store and all the other clothes (size 6) were just fine!

Returns - Exchange and Refunds:

 You can send the unwanted item back to Missguided with the information form (which is included in your parcel) by Royal Mail, ByBox and Collect +. The only thing you have to do is state in the form if you want exchange or refund and the reason why you want that. However they only offer exchange of the same product in different size or colour. I am still waiting for my refund (takes up to 14 days) but I have received an email that my refund is processing.

- I would definitely recommend Missguided and I will sure be visiting them very soon! As I said they offer great quality, support, deals, prices the only problem if any is their delivery service.

Let me know if you like this section of the blog and if you would like to 
see more shopping at experiences:) Have you ordered anything from Missguided?

Thanks for reading:)

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