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Review - Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Tinted Face Protection Cream / SPF30!


"Face Protection specially for the face and neck. Illuminates and evens skin tone and hydrates skin, while it protects against sun-induced skin damage. The tinted formula blends naturally with your skin tone. Advanced UVA UVB protection. Non greasy - non comedogenic, water resistant and dermatologically tested. Contains Vitamin E." Boots website

The package claims:
  • UVA-UVB Protection
  • Illuminates and evens skin tone
  • Hydrates skin
  • Protects against sun-induced skin damage
  • Anti dark-spot induced brown spots
Available in only one (1) shade: Tanned fair skin

I have been testing this product for over a month now and here are my thoughts:


As I said this is only available in one shade which claims to 'blend naturally with your skin tone'. However I would say that the colour is too orange (at least for my skin tone), I really can't see how this shade would blend to tanned fair skin tones. Does anyone look orange after a tan? Well I don't! Even after I blend it the colour is still to orange and dark for my skin. Maybe a lighter shade would be perfect.


This retails for £8.00 (for 50ml) which is a decent amount. For a BB cream the price is okay I would say, however the SPF30 is definitely worth the price!


This product comes in a slim/long tube which is just the perfect size to carry around in your travel or beach bag. I love that the cap secures the tube perfectly and things don't get messy!

A closer look to the orange stains it leaves on the face
Ease of use

 I would say that the consistency is more of a creamy one however is not as thick as other BB creams I've tried! Due to the liquid-y consistency I was expecting that it will be easy to blend, however I was completely wrong. I use my fingers or a beauty blender to blend this BB cream and even though it looks blended when I take a closer look I have all kind of orange stains all over my face. A bit of extra blending will help with that! I found that foundations (that normally require more blending) to be easier to blend than this, so it is definitely not the perfect on-the-go, sun cream type of product. 

Left - A small amount of the Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Tinted Face Protection Cream | Middle & Right - Blended
Left - Bare Face | Right - One layer of Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Tinted Face Protection Cream  

Now BB creams are known for the low coverage they provide and this was no exception. It definitely evens out my skin but the coverage is minimal and it is not buildable at all, however I don't really see why a high coverage is needed if you are wearing this to the beach or if you are looking for something lighter than normal foundations.


 To be honest for my normal to oily skin this BB cream is not the best choice. It really made my face look far more oily and greasy than it actually is and it certainty felt like a sunscreen on my skin (all glow-y and oily). It lasts up to 3 hours and if I set it with powder it lasts longer on my skin, however I don't like using powders when I go swimming or if I am looking for a more natural, day to day makeup. Finally it starts to look a bit chalky in some areas (like around my eyebrows).

Round Up


  • SPF30
  • Tinted sun cream
  • Great packaging size
  • Secure packaging
  • Evens out the skin
  • Enough coverage for a BB cream
  • A good price

  • Available in only one shade
  • Feels like a sunscreen not a BB cream
  • Shade is too orange
  • Leaves orange stains
  • Not a good on-the-go/sun cream product
  • A lot of blending is required
  • Lasts up to 3 hours
  • Makes skin look oily/greasy

 For me this product is definitely not worth the money and the time required, however if you have darker skin than me then it may blend better with your skin tone and the SPF30 is worth the go.

This is my own opinion, however I've read some good reviews about it as well. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts? Let me know:)

Thanks for reading:)

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  1. As soon as I saw the tittle I thought to myself, man these things don't work on me because they get too orange when it oxidises. That's the problem about us, fair tone skin girls. It's so hard to get the right shade of either BB creams or foundations :(. I also have an extremely oily skin and for a BB cream I use the Rimmel stay matte BB cream. I love it! You should give it a go :) xx

  2. This is such a great and helpful review, dear! I'm really glad I read this first because I almost end up buying that cream the other day. I think I will skip it because I think it would look orange on me as well since I have fair skin too. However, I like the regular Garnier BB cream...
    Have a nice day! :)

  3. Lovely review, thank you for sharing it with us.
    Dusana :-)

  4. I've never tried BB cream before but I've always wanted to. But finding the right shade for me is always a problem. great review and very helpful!

  5. we've tried Garnier's normal BB cream, but not this one. It's a shame that the colour didn't match very weel, it sounds like it would be a great product if it did. Hopefully they come out with more shades!

  6. I actually didn't tried this one, well I guess you could wear it when you are already tanned just to get that orange glow,he he he, thanks for a review!!! Such a shame! xo

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