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Colours Everywhere!!

 Last week I got the Argos catalogue and I was flipping through and taking some notes about some things I need to buy, When I went back to see all the staff that I wanted I realised that everything was green, orange, purple, and all the other colours. I admit it I love colours and I sometime overdo it.. grateful to have my boyfriend not letting me buy all those colours otherwise my flat would probably look like a rainbow:) As I think colours can change everyones mood, here are some tips on how to add colour, but not making your house/flat a rainbow! 
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 As life can be really stressful when it comes to waking up in the morning, going to work, cooking, cleaning, relaxing, actually everything that you do on a daily basis. Lots of people think that by changing homes, or by having a great work will make them happy. I doubt that! It really does not matter if you have a big or a small house, or if you have a great job or not, if you live alone or with a partner or with a room-mate it is all about the special little things you have in each room that can make your life happier. You do not have to pay large amounts of money in order to make your house/flat look pretty and welcoming. Colours especially in little decorations can actually make the simple things look really amazing. So... imagine that you have a friend who actually bought a new house one month ago and you are going to visit them. When you enter his or her house everything is dull, no colours, no decoration; neither small nor big. How will that make you feel? If I were you, I would actually feel stressed out, kind of sad, uncomfortable and that something is missing. I would wonder how come she did not notice that, when it is her house. Truth is that nobody will understand that if it is their own house but if it is someone else’s they would. So here are my colour tips:
Start with the living room and bedroom. Most people spend hours on both these rooms. Try and make the best of them. Here are some things you could buy:
Argos - £4.99
Cushions: Cushions can make sitting on the couch not only more relaxing but also more pleasant. There are so many different colours, types or sizes of cushions to choose from. I would probably add one or two bright coloured ones and two lighter ones. If you are more chill-out type, then you can simply add some large cushions on the floor for sitting. I would recommend that they should be coloured too. In your bedroom you can easily add some cushions on your bed, which will make it, look warmer and your bed can be easily transformed into a couch, which is a good idea for a kid’s bedroom. You do not have to put extra chairs when their friends are around; the only thing you have to do is to buy cushions. 

Argos - £11.99
Lamp: Some years ago lamps were only used for light purposes and surely not for decoration. Nowadays there so many different types, heights, shapes of them that they can be easily used as decoration too. There are the floor lamps which can perfectly fit in every living room, no matter what type of person you are, they can be both classic and modern. Try to turn on that lamp at night instead of the normal lights and I am sure you will see a huge difference in the way your living room looks like. You can add a nice table lamp on your desk in your bedroom and make your studying more pleasant. Also if you have little kids a small lamp will make them feel safer at night, you can easily find different types and shapes in the market full off Disney characters that kids love, but you can also find ones that work with batteries for saving purposes. It does not matter where they will be placed or how big they will be. The only thing that matters is that they will give life to your rooms.

Argos - £7.49
Paintings or Photographs: You will be amazed how a painting/photograph can change your morning and how easily it can put a smile on your face. Paintings can make you dream, bring back memories from places or countries you've visited before or just remind you of your special ones. They can be large or small, placed on the wall or tables or shelves. Put them in a place that they will be easily seen when sitting on the couch, studying on your desk or lying on the bed. For a kids or teenagers bedroom cork-board is a must, they can add photographs, notes or whatever they like.

Argos - £14.99
Carpet: By adding a carpet let’s say a red, you will certainly give a splash of colour in your living room. It can be just one colour or a combination of different colours, but try not to overdo it. Carpets can be really tricky, they are nice as decorations but when you choose to add a multi-coloured one; you have to be cautious not to overdo it with the colours (if you have other coloured decorations too). On the other hand for me carpets are pretty essential in bedrooms, so that you don’t have to wear shoes in your bedroom too. Carpets can give a special and warm feeling in your bedroom. If you want your whole bedroom to be covered by carpet I would advise you to try light colours rather than bright ones, so your bedroom won’t look too overloaded.

Wilkinson - £9.58
Wallpapers: Market is now full of wallpapers to choose from. They have everything you can imagine of, large ones that will cover your whole wall or small ones that will look like a motive. I wouldn’t probably place wallpaper in my living room, but if I had too I will choose colours like brown or beige or white so that I can easily combined them with whatever other colour I used in my decoration. Where I would really like to place wallpaper in a kid’s bedroom, they can be princesses or fast cars, cartoon characters or idols, it doesn’t really matter as kids tend to love this things and they will be happy to see them.

Flowers: What is better than flower smells within your house? A bouquet of flowers can lead your imagination into beautiful places, gardens, makes you more relaxed, happy, hopeful, I actually think that flowers can make up your whole day. Try to put a nice vase with flowers on your coffee table, and you will see the change in your mood. If you think that buying a bouquet can be really expensive; or consider that you will have to buy one every couple weeks, then try fake ones. They may not give you the aroma that they real ones will do, but they can make up your day just by watching them. Try not to put real flowers in your bedroom or your kids’ bedroom as they are not good for your health, especially at night. You can add fake ones though.
There are many decorations I haven't mentioned above, but these for me are must-haves. When it comes to the kitchen there are not so many decorations that you can use but you can try to put colour on the basic things you need in your kitchen. Some decorations you could try are:
Ikea - £6.00

Painting: You can add a nice small painting, not too large, otherwise it may look bad. I would not recommend a photograph in your kitchen, as it more like a work space for cooking.

Ikea - £5.00

Flowers: You can always add some flowers into the kitchen, either real or fake ones it does not matter. Flowers will make your cooking more relaxed and your kitchen will look less messy even though you may not have time to clean it right away. A good place to add your flowers would be your dining table.

Or just add colour to the things that you normally use in the kitchen:
Argos - £14.99

Planning on buy a new microwave or a new kettle? Buy them with some splashes of colour on them. This will make your kitchen look friendlier and more pleasant for you to use.

Argos - £24.99

Add colour on your plates or your cutlery. Dining then will be more pleasant, especially if you have kids, they will love to eat with colourful cutlery. But that does not mean that adults wouldn't.

Put colour in your life, as much as possible, it can really make you see the world in other way, a more pleasant and happy one:) People tend to wear colourful clothes, shoes in order to make their day look brighter, apply this to your home too. I am sure you will be amazed how much effect can colours have on you and you mood.

Thanks for reading! Hope you like it:)
Stephanie :)

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