Thursday, 14 February 2013

Red Fever!

 Still haven't bought your valentine's dress? Wait, Really?? What are you waiting for?.. For all those of you who need a dress but somehow haven't managed to get one and don't have the time to go shopping today, here are some RED dresses I found. Take a look and if you like anything just go and buy it right away!:)

Miss Selfridge - £45.00

A plain red dress in front but this lovely bow detail on the back makes it irresistibly cute! The price isn't to low but for a special occasion like this, who cares? :)

Miss Selfridge - £37.00

I love this bright red colour! It's just so happy, which match the occasion perfectly. It's a Valentine's day, why not bright? Price not that bad for Miss Selfridge, don't you think?:) - £32.50

This dress is so unique that I can't really say anything bad about it. Red but with black details which makes it even more interesting. The price? Not that bad if you consider that it is half price, definitely a bargain.:)

Topshop - £33.00

Another bright dress. Love that is generally a simple dress but the neck makes it more formal and different! Love it, and the price isn't that bad for Topshop:)

Lipsy - £55.00

I totally love this one! The details on the dress and the details on the skirt? What else do you actually want? Okay I agree the price isn't as good as the others but if you want something more detailed, this one is for you:)

Topshop - £38.00

So simple but so cute! I just love that is off shoulder. It's both sexy and cute at the same time! Maybe a little overpriced for a plain dress but still it's Valentine:)

Missguided -£19.99

Simple but with some crop details on shoulders which makes it more interesting. Bright colour which is perfect for the occasion. Not too formal which isn't a bad thing! And the price definitely a bargain!:)

Missguided - £26.99

Although it's dark red I love this dress. The colour is interesting while the V neckline makes it sexy and the skater skirt definitely cute and feminine. The perfect combination for tonight, isn't it? This combination for that price? That's definitely a bargain for me!:)

Topshop - £42.00

A bright dress and a little more formal that the others. It depends on how you are planning to spend your Valentine's night! Little overpriced I would say but is a formal one, so you can't really find anything less expensive:)

Missguided - £16.79

Bright dress, cute and with crop details that add some sexy tot he picture. Perfect for tonight! Not too simple, not too formal.. Just perfect! And for the price? What are you waiting for?:)

So here are the ten Red dresses I found for tonight.! Hope that will help you find something quickly enough for tonight! Wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day full of love!:)

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