Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Still searching for the right Skater Skirt? That makes two of us!

 Lately I've been searching the web to see all the styles of skater skirts I can find and their prices (as a student the price really counts:p). We all know how a skater skirt looks like, but here's a picture in case you're not sure.

  I just find this kind of skirts perfect for everything, from a day to night occasions. You can wear this skirt with your pair of trainers or flat boots for a very casual occasion or wear it with your high heels for a night out. Here are some of my favourite styles I found:

1) Topshop - £28.99

2) Missguided - £9.99
1) I really like the colour of this skirt, is so bright and will perfectly much floral tops  which are definitely a 'must'. Perfect for
both day and night  occasions but is it really worth the price??    

2) This one is definitely perfect for a night
out or for a not that casual occasion. Definitely stylish!
And for the price is a perfect bargain!

3) Missguided - £8.99

3) I really like this one, I like that is not all
the length and the colour is just perfect for a
winter day. If you are searching for something
more casual I would probably go for this one. And
for the price? Let's go for it!

4) Missguided - £12.99 

4) So what about this one? There are so many

different colours that would definitely make
you fall in love with them, but in my opinion this
skirt can wait a little while.. To bright for now
but a perfect bargain for Summer. Oh I can't wait
for the Summer to come!!

5) Missguided - £14.99


5) White? In this weather? Okay maybe, but only for a night out. Don't get me wrong, white is my favourite colour but not as a skirt and in Winter. But yes for a night out with your high heels it will look 
                 just perfect!

6) Topshop - £16.00


6) I love the colour. I really do. But again for Summer only. 
I don't know if it is just me, but for me bright colours are perfect for 
Summer but should be really avoided in Winter.

7) Topshop - £16.00

7) I like green colours. I think they make all the
other colours look more beautiful as you can match
them with lots of colours. I like Topshop's quality
and I would probably go for that skirt. Imagine it with
your pair of flats. Doesn't it look lovely? 

8) River Island - £25.00

8) As I said before I love white colour. If you want a

       skirt for your night out this one is for you. As black&white
        are a 'must' for Spring/Summer this year, this skirt is a must.
     I really like the idea of the belt. But as I mentioned before
        the same skirt (without the belt) is £14.99,
          is a belt worth £10 extra?

9) New Look - £19.99

9) Black&White is a must so this skirt just describes perfectly the fashion trend. An all day long choice and if combined nicely a night one as well. The price matches what you get so why not give it a try? 

10) Topshop - £34.00

10) This colour just reminds me of mystery! I don't
really know why but I just love it. Floral? perfect with it!
Dark colours? perfect again! Bright ones? perfect. But still a little
overpriced, don't you think?

11) New Look - £14.99

11) Oh this colour is perfect. So bright, warm and happy! Perfect for all day long but also perfect for nights out. Definitely perfect for all kind of weather, not too bright not too dark, just perfect.

12) New Look - £19.99

12) Jeans, jeans and jeans. You can match it with whatever you want. I was disappointed though as I couldn't find any other jean skater skirts but still this one works perfectly for me. You can match it with whatever you want, is like matching a jean. That's just perfect! But for me it works just for day occasions, I certainly wouldn't wear it to go to a club or something.

13) Miss Selfridge - £39.00

13) Nude colours are just so simple but yet so stylish.
Easily matched with whatever you like. This one
will be perfect for both day and night, winter and summer.
But is it worth the price?? That depends on what you
personally believe, but I probably wouldn't buy it.

14) ASOS - £42.00

14) I just love this one. Its unique  and the colour
just perfect. Definitely want something like that.
Night out? Why not? Day occasions? Stylish! Winter?
Maybe.. Summer? For sure! It's so different than all the
others and that's the main reason that I would
maybe go for that price. But still isn't it too much?

15) ASOS - £22.99

15) And finally... This dotted one.. Colours work perfectly for me, I love the belt (and its colour). Perfect for all day long but wouldn't wear it for a night out. Love the dots, makes the skirt more stylish. Would easily wear it through all seasons and the price for an ASOS/Mango quality product isn't that bad! I will probably give it a try!

So here are the 15 skirts that I found more interesting. Hope that this would help you find a skirt, if you are looking for one and save you some time as well :) Which one would you buy if you were me?

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  1. I love skater skirts!!!
    great items and inspirations:)
    Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog, it is a pleasure to visit yours!!!


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