Friday, 31 January 2014

Pencil Lace Skirt!

Hello sweeties,

 I am so happy the week is officially over!

 I officially hate rain.. It's been raining for at least one week in a row and the only time it wasn't raining was about an hour or two.. And good news? It will be even worse! My umbrella is my best friend. These two weeks I have a lot of Uni stuff going on, phase tests, presentations and hand-ins so I'll do my best to post at least on Tuesday and Friday. I know from your comments that a lot of you still have exams, good luck with your exams if you still have any:)

 I've been searching for a midi pencil skirt for a while now, but all the ones I liked were too big for me. And when I actually stopped searching, I found this one. I love everything about it, I love the neutral floral print, beige and black for me is such a chic colour combination. But of course the thing I like most about the skirt is the lace detailing, such a nice touch and it makes the skirt so unique! Oh, and the best thing? The skirt is on sale for just £4.99! I wanted to dress the skirt a little down and that's why I paired it with a leather jacket and added a scarf to both keep warm and make it more casual/chic!

I am wearing:
Jacket - Zara
Top - Primark
Scarf - Primark
Skirt - Bershka
Heels - New Look
Bag - Primark
Bracelet - Guess
Rings - Warren James & Primark

Do you like midi skirts?
Good luck to all of you that still have exams and wishing you all an amazing and relaxing weekend!

Thanks for reading:)

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  1. I love your skirt! Lovely look.

  2. Awesome pics and cool outfit
    Nice blog! :D

  3. That skirt is adorable, the lace detail, the flower print, just perfect! XO

  4. Super stylish look! Loving your bag and skirt ;) Thank you for stopping by!

    Come back soon to visit me on The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

    Evi xoxo

  5. Your skirt is very nice! I like this flower print. I think, if it was just black, for example, it was boring, but in your case it looks very beautiful.

  6. All the best! Truly love your skirt. Entire outfit is extremely nice!

    Defining Me

  7. Such a chic look! Love the skirt!


    Deal Diary

  8. Beautiful skirt ! This is very elegant ! Very nice jacket ! Perfect look !



  9. Lovely outfit and the skirt is such a stand out piece :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  10. Perfect look !

  11. Beautiful skirt, girl! :)
    Love your hair - pretty as always! :)

  12. Gorgeous outfit! You look stunning!

  13. Love this look on you. You look so sophisticated and pretty xx

  14. Great skirt!

  15. It was last year that I started to be really into midi skirts. However, the right one is not always easy to find, is it? Truth be told, there are at least two of them that I need to alter but have been to lazy to do it.

    As I have already said on lookbook (where I've found your blog address), I really like this outfit so not to repeat myself.....

    Good luck with Uni work and all!

    My post on Friday started with exactly the same words....ha, ha...guess I wasn't the only one looking forward to the weekend!

  16. I love your skirt! I'm really into midi skirts now because they just look so chic and sophisicated. That skirt really looks lovely on you :)

  17. The skirt is really beautiful, love the floral print with lace details and I like how you styled it with beige jacket, red top and black accessories.

  18. I tought it only happens in my country or in some countries in asia :D
    btw thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog dear :)
    Love your skirt and bag so much, your skirt look so beautiful.
    Following you now, keep in touch :)


  19. Perfect outfit, you look amazing! :)

    I followed you back...

  20. Love this skirt on you :) The floral pattern works so well with the lace on the bottom.
    the way to my Hart

  21. You look amazing! I just found your blog and you look incredible. I had to follow. You're so pretty and your style is amazing, cannot wait to keep up to date with your blog!


  22. You look so elegant hun, the skirt is really feminine and beautiful!

  23. I agree with you, the lace does make it unique :) You look great girl !
    Have a great Sunday

  24. You look adorable, love you skirt :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

  25. Beautiful! Like always Dear :* I don't know, if I love the skirt, tatto, Your stunning hair or perfectly fitting jacket <3 But the skirt looks gorgeous on You, I think it's caused Your perfect body.. and the print, I absolutely love it! And the great price :O
    Thank You for Your beautiful comment, I love all the comments from You.. always are so nice :)) <3


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