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Review - Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation/103 True Ivory!


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation / 103 - True Ivory

 Rimmel wake me up foundation is "Rimmel’s first liquid foundation that instantly reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant glow".

Available in six (6) shades: 303/true nude, 400/natural beige, 201/classic beige, 200/soft beige, 100/ivory and 103/true ivory.

I've been using this foundation for more than 3 months (in shade - 103 true ivory) and here are my thoughts:

 I wouldn't say that it has a great variety of shades, with only 6 shades compared to other foundations like the MAC matchmaster foundation that has 14 shades. However I think each shade suits more skin tones due to the glow it has, it may sound weird but I had a really hard time choosing the shade as more than one shade matched my skin tone. 

 It's not a cheap foundation but I wouldn't say it's pricey either, for a drugstore foundation. You can find it from your local drugstore at the price of £8.99 (30ml).

I really like the "Rimmel London" logo on the side of this foundation. I think it adds a really nice touch to it and it's something different from all the other foundations, with the plain packaging!

Ease of use
As most of  Rimmel's foundation, wake me up foundation comes with a built-in pump which makes it really easy to use. It blends easily, the consistency is really creamy and buildable. What I love about this foundation is that it feels light on the skin.

Face: Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in 103
MUA eyebrow pencil in Brunette
Lips: Maybelline Baby lips in Peach Kiss

I would say this foundation gives a medium to high coverage. It can cover some marks or spots on your face but what is really important is that it's buildable! You can add concealer or a primer if you feel like you need more coverage. Finish of by adding your favourite powder and you are good to go! It feels light on your skin and looks natural. It gives you that instant "awake" glow-y effect which I love about it. Another plus for me it's its smell.. It smell fresh, if that makes any sense and compared to other foundations it has a really light and nice smell! 

 I guess this is what we all seek in a foundation! It lasts about 6 to 8 hours on my skin, without any problem (this depends on your skin type). I have normal to oily skin and I have no problem with this foundation at all, however if you are more of an oily skin type I would probably not recommend this foundation as it tend to be really oily itself. This is perfect for night outs and work/school as it will last and you will have that glow-y/ awake effect. Another plus is that it's really moisturizing so you will not have a problem with it being chalky in areas! 

 Round up

  • Medium to high coverage
  • Lasts for up to 8 hours
  • Feels light on the skin and looks natural
  • Comes with a built-in pump 
  • Light/nice smell
  • Gives you that awake and glow-y effect
  • Buildable

  • Not suitable for oily skins
  • Not many shades to choose from
  • May be too glow-y for some people

 If you are looking for a natural finish, with a medium/high coverage that will last I would definitely recommend this foundation!

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  1. Fantastic post dear! Loving the product
    kisses from Miami,

  2. thanks for sharing your opinion!

  3. Great review! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Great review, looks good on you.

  5. I totally wanted to try this foundation, but good thing you said it's not suitable for oily skins, which is my biggest problem.
    Great review though xx

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  6. lovely and honest review!♥:) and your skin is just perfect!

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  8. Great review, I'll have to try it.

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  9. I should give this foundation a go! Thanks for sharing your review :)
    I'm following you back on Bloglovin and FB now (so sorry I took me this long!) Let's keep in touch!

  10. I love this foundation! Especially for the glow it gives - it's definitely my go to foundation for a night out (especially if i've been tanning!)

    You look stunning in the pic btw - what mascara do you use? :)

    Gabby x


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