Sunday, 21 April 2013

Review - Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour / Deep Red


Hello sweeties,

So yesterday I decided that it was about time to get a new hair colour... As you probably know (from my previous post) I was thinking about dyeing my hair red! I am a huge fan of Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour, especially the Fiery Red but I wanted something darker this time due to the length of my hair.. When I went to Superdrug there was a huge stand full of Garnier Olia hair colours and there were also some colour charts (or examples, whatever you like to call it) so I decided to give it a try.
 My hair colour was medium to dark brown before dyeing. I read the leaflet very carefully and follow every step exactly as I should. After applying the colour I waited for 35 minutes, leaflet stated that I should wait for 30 minute but a little longer will probably make the colour more intense (or that was what I thought). 
 Washing my hair and getting the hair colour out was really easy, I blow dried my "red" hair (as they should be) and when I saw into the mirror - Disaster! First of all my hair seems like a washed out red/pink colour, moreover there are places where there is no red at all (let me state that my hair were coloured by the same person that colours them every time) and my roots are completely red. As I said a complete disaster! 
Giving that for four years now I colour my hair at home, and every single time they turn out just fine, I don't think that I did something wrong. Frustrated I went to some online websites to see other people's reviews. Mainly they were positive but most people were just applying the same colour, so mistakes like no colour at all were avoided. Some negative reviews had the same problem as me or they updated that the colour washed out completely after few washes or their greys came out.
 The only part that I probably cannot complain about is that my hair do look healthy (as much as they can, given the circumstances), more shiny and smooth.

The results should be similar to the "brown to dark brown"

Right: Before/ Left: After
Sorry for the quality of the first one, forgot to take a picture before (!!).
 The colour seems just fine right? Let me show you another picture! 

 In my opinion this is not an acceptable result. They should be all covered up and look like one colour, I mean isn't that the reason we actually dye our hair?

 Taking into consideration all of the above I would not recommend this hair colour. 

Thanks for reading:)

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  1. dearie! thanks so much!!! the colour really suits you! great job! love & cheers, tones.

  2. actually, i really like this colour!!
    really cool!
    Sergio, xx

  3. Hi I thought you would like to know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, check it out here on my blog: Laura

  4. Oh how frustrating :( you're right it should all be the same colour. I never dye my hair anymore because of this exact reason, I used to keep trying when I was younger but it really wouldn't make much of a difference because my hair is so dark. Although, your hair does look super shiny and healthy! xx

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