Thursday, 11 April 2013

Grey maxi skirt!

Hello sweeties,

 It's almost weekend! I can't believe how quickly time runs by.. Let's hope that when Summer arrives, time will be running at a slower pace:) 

 The weather was so lovely for the past few days.. but today was one of the same cold, rainy days! I decided to share with you an outfit I was wearing two days ago, when the sun was still shining:) This skirt is one of my new buys, and it was only £7.99 (can you believe it?). This is my first maxi skirt in my life.. I am not a brave person when it comes to maxi dresses and skirts! Don't get me wrong, I love how they look on other people but I am worried when it comes to me wearing them I feel like they make me look shorter than I am (if that's possible!).. However I decided to add more skirts, dresses in my wardrobe this year, as I have always been a denim short fan (but everybody needs a change!) Speaking of change, I am currently thinking about going back to my dark red hair, what do you think, should I? 
Here are some photos to help you decide:)

 We went to the cinema yesterday (again!) for the Oblivion’s premiere.. I can say that I was quite disappointed! Don’t get me wrong, the cast has done a great work, the idea was great but something was missing (suspense? more of a plot?).. For me there are two types of movies, the ones that you MUST see at the cinema and the ones that are better for house watching.. This one was more of a house watching movie for me..

 This outfit turned out to be better than I thought (considered as my one of my Spring favourites, so far..)! My new maxi skirt, matched with a simple white vest, my lovely trainers and my leather jacket.. Super comfy outfit, just great for everyday occasions! You have probably noticed that I am a huge leather jacket fan, haven’t you? They are so simple to style and so great! Love them!:)

I am wearing:
Leather Jacket - Primark
Vest - Gift from Kerkyra
Skirt - Primark
Shoes - Converse (available in other colours, here)
Watch - Swatch
Bag - Guess
Rings - Warren James

Hope you are all having a great week:)

Thanks for reading!x

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  1. Lovely skirt!

    New post:

  2. dearie! thank you so much for the comment! nice blog you have here! and i looove the skirt! lets stay in touch!?! love & cheers, tones.

  3. I love your clothes!!!


  4. You look great! Love the skirt! :)

  5. I love the top outfit!! absolutely stunning!


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