Saturday, 20 April 2013

Some great Thomas Sabo products

My jewellery collection is forever expanding and my favourite brand is Thomas Sabo at the moment. I’ve found that they design some really beautiful and different items that are unlike anything else around currently. It’s not very often you find jewellery that is so unlike anything else on the market for such a good price – well worth the money.

I’ve written this post to share with you my top Thomas Sabo picks to let you know which items are on my wish list at the moment and the reasons why I like the charms.

My absolute favourite charm at the moment is the gold treble clef charm which is actually sterling silver just with yellow gold plating. If you’re a musician or a music-lover then this charm is for you. I used to play the piano when I was growing up so I’m really keen to get this charm on my bracelet to display one of my favourite childhood hobbies. It’s part of the Thomas Sabo Charm Club range which features a lot of stunning designs.

If you’re a fan of Micheal Kors jewellery, you’ll probably be a fan of this charm too as it really reminds me of the brand; it’s very much in keeping with the style of it. Rose gold is very popular at the moment and I instantly fell in love with this bow charm made out of it when I first saw it. It’s stunning and I’m currently studying fashion so this little charm would look lovely on my bracelet to represent my passion for style.

A lot of people my age decide to go travelling and I’ll be one of them next year! It’ll be an exciting experience and I’ll be able to see lots of new, interesting places that I’ve never been to before. I’d quite like to take a lucky charm with me to keep me safe (I’m quite superstitious). This world charm would be perfect as it can be my lucky charm whilst I’m there and it can represent my time travelling when I get back. I love it and the bright colours it features is sure to make my bracelet pop.

This might sound a bit out of the ordinary to you, but when I was younger, our family used to keep owls as pets … bit of a random pet choice, but we loved them! I decided to treat myself to this stunning feather ring to represent the owls we used to keep. Not only do I like what it represents, I also really like this ring because of the design. It’s right up my street and is really fashionable … I love big, statement rings and this design in particular is gorgeous. There are matching earrings for this ring too which is very tempting … I may have to treat myself.

Like all girls, I love anything that sparkles which is why I’m in love with the diamond Eiffel Tower charm.. I NEED this for my Thomas Sabo bracelet as I love the way the light catches the diamond, it’s gorgeous. Back when I was at school, I went on a school trip to France with all my friends and we visited the Eiffel Tower … got to say this charm is a lot prettier!

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Selena Hamsley is a new blogger with a keen interest in anything Jewellery or Fashion related. The products reviewed here are from Xen Jewellery.


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