Sunday, 7 April 2013

Stripes & Brogues!

 Hello sweeties,

 I cannot believe that is Sunday again! Time goes by so quickly that I get the feeling I don't have time to actually do anything.. Have you ever got the feeling that you are actually running out of time?!  Let me explain what I actually mean.. For a week now I wake up early (9 o'clock) and by 11 o'clock I am already in my warm bed, but although I am feeling that I have a whole day in front of me.. until I can realise it it's already afternoon! But on the bright sight, yesterday the sun actually made its appearance (finally) :) I haven't really realised how much I miss sunny, warm days until yesterday!! When I was in Cyprus I just wanted to get away from that awful hot days (40°C) but yesterday I couldn't get enough.. The weather wasn't that bad as well (6°C).. 

 "Dark Skies" is finally released! We went to the cinema on Thursday.. I don't really know what I like most about it, if it's the huge screen, the clear sound or the huge pack of sweet popcorn along with Pepsi:) But what I can say for sure, is that I haven't been disappointed from "Dark Skies".. Really amazing plot, great cast and full of suspense (I keep saying this for every movie, but all of them were great..)!

 And finally some pictures of my yesterday's outfit! 6°C are still low for me, so a (larger) sweater will be a perfect choice.. My favourite pair of leggings (also here and here) and my little brown pair of brogues! I love these shoes:) As for accessories I kept my outfit really simple, just my watch and my lovely rings! 

I am wearing: Sweater (old one)
                        Leggings - New Yorker
                        Shoes and Bag - Primark

                        Watch - Ebay 
                        Rings - Warren James (closer look here)

  So, what do you think of my outfit? Do you like it?

Thanks for reading:)
Hope you are all having a great weekend!x

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  1. Yup! I like the ensemble. Casual but chic!

  2. I really need a day between saturday and sunday. I want your legs <3

  3. Your leggings are totally cute and paired with that sweater... perfect! I agree, I wake up early as well, but there's never enough time in the day!!

  4. You look so good in your leggings girl.And I totally love your bag!!!

  5. those oxfords are gorgeous! love the outfit honey!

    tons of love!

    Pepa :)

  6. You look very cute, I love your sweater, even though it's old it is still very nice.
    I'm following you on google plus followers and bloglovin. Hope you can follow me back.
    Dusana :-)

  7. I LOVE This outfit Steph! Absolutely beautiful!! <3


  8. Very nice look! I'm your follower now, if you like follow me too!

    New post:

  9. i love your look and i love your shoes!!!



  10. Hey girl!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your outfits are really elegant and classy, love them especially these shoes! xx

  11. love this outfit!
    thanks for stopping by my blog:)



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