Saturday, 13 April 2013

Let's style floral tops!

Hello sweeties,

 Spring is finally here (or not!?).. Actually the weather got much better but the rain just can't stop. But let's be honest, we all have packed our coats, boots, long sleeve tops ... and unpacked all our summery clothes! I can't wait until I will be able to actually wear them without any cardigan or blazer on top!
 Floral prints are so trendy right now that they are almost everywhere.. So many different colours, types, it is just amazing.. Is there anything more Summery than a floral print?  Of course no:) But for me floral prints are a little difficult to style, as there are so many colours combined together and I find it a little more difficult to  find colours to match them.. Everyone need to step outside their comfort zone though and that's why I decided that my wardrobe will definitely have more floral pieces this Summer!
 I decided to put three different outfits with floral tops together, via Polyvore, not only to help me style them but maybe give you some inspiration as well:) I tried to keep the budget as low as possible due to the student budget limitation (:/)!

Let's style floral tops!

 You can easily style a floral top for an everyday occasion as well as a more formal one.. As you can see each outfit can be combined with both flats and heels. Of course there are thousands of possible combinations but these are my favourite ones (at least for now)x

Do you as well have anything that you want to change for this Spring/Summer?
What do you think of floral prints and these outfits?
Hope you like them!x

Thanks for reading:)

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